Any Dallas criminal defense attorney can tell you that a charge or offense related to escort services evolves from the crime of Prostitution.

What constitutes "sexual conduct" for the purpose of Prostitution? You put on an erotic show for a paying customer. Maybe that customer paid you to let him touch your breasts. In the alternative, you were paid for a lap dance, but ultimately you allowed your client to expose himself and rub against you. Do these activities constitute "sexual conduct" and, therefore, Prostitution?

While the analysis of these scenarios is fact specific, each case is different and requires the analysis of a skilled criminal defense attorney. In fact, a lap dance for a fee, while usually not falling within the realm of prostitution, may be prosecuted as a crime of Prostitution if there is excessive contact of the genitals even if clothed. Due to the countless fact specific details of a case, you owe it to yourself to retain an experienced defense lawyer.

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