When you are charged with driving under the influence / driving while intoxicated (DUI / DWI/DWI) you have several pressing concerns to worry about. The first is saving your driving privileges. Consider the amount of your time and money that will be wasted if you lose your ability to drive to work for an entire year. The second is taking care of your criminal charges. If convicted of a DUI / DWI, you could be sentenced to penalties such as incarceration, probation, court fines, and community service.

A Dallas DUI / DWI lawyer can help you take care of both of these problems. He or she will begin by submitting a request for a hearing (prior to the 15 day deadline) to determine if your license will be suspended.

Next, your Dallas DUI / DWI lawyer will begin preparing your case for criminal trial. In some cases, a plea deal can be worked out in order to reduce your DUI / DWI to a lesser offense. If this is not possible, your lawyer can attempt to get your charges dismissed or go to court and fight for an acquittal. The key to a successful resolution to your DUI / DWI is disproving the prosecution's case against you, something that can be done with a skilled Dallas DUI / DWI lawyer on your side.

While a DUI / DWI can result in serious legal consequences, you will also feel the repercussions in your personal life. Individuals with a drunk-driving offense on their record will have significantly higher insurance premiums, if the insurer doesn't decide to drop their policy altogether.

Hiring a Dallas DUI / DWI lawyer is an investment in your future. When you think of the many costs of a drunk-driving conviction in addition to the emotional toll and potential for lost opportunities, you will see that the cost of a good lawyer pales in comparison. Keep in mind that you should look for a fighter with a proven track record for winning rather than an inexpensive lawyer who is not effective.

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