Assault Crime

An assault crime conviction could affect the rest of your life. From the moment you have been arrested on an assault charge, you want an aggressive lawyer who can vigorously protect your rights in court. At the Law Offices of David J. Pire we protect the rights of clients throughout the greater Dallas area.

From assault charges, harassment, to domestic violence cases, we will make sure you get a chance to explain your side of the story and make sure your rights are protected. We also protect the rights of people charged with sexual assault.

If the assault charge you face is your first criminal charge, you may be eligible for a PTI, or pre-trial intervention. If you are admitted into this program, you will be placed on probation, and if you successfully complete probation, the case is dismissed completely. We are willing to try to negotiate the best possible plea or go to trial in order to protect your rights. It is our goal to pursue the best course for the client.

If you have been arrested for an assault, call the law office of David J. Pire. Call us today at (214) 821-1919

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