The federal government has increased funds and resources in an attempt to crack down on the proliferation of child pornography. As a result, state and federal investigators are posing as purveyors of child pornography in internet chat rooms, entering into discussions in order to see if someone asks to have child pornography sent to them or if someone volunteers to exchange illegal images through various file sharing programs. Additionally, law enforcement officers enter chat rooms and pose as minors in order to see if someone will solicit sex from them online.

At The Law Office of David J. Pire, we work with forensic computer experts and private investigators in order to challenge the evidence and actions of investigators and the prosecution in child pornography cases.

If you have been arrested or are currently under investigation for possessing child pornography or soliciting a minor online, call the law office of David J. Pire today. Call us today at (214) 821-1919

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